projection mapping

All of it Now was extremely excited for the opportunity to ideate on several activations as part of the product launch for Epson’s new award-winning LightScene projector series. The compact and stylish laser projector packs a surprising punch by leveraging the latest in projection technology.

Our goal with this installation was to unite natural, organic forms with cutting edge performance, traits that are demonstrated in the LightScene by packaging advanced technology within an elegant design. Our concept of a projection-augmented product display, titled Vera Lux, was selected for production and installation in Epson’s booth at the Digital Signage Expo and InfoComm in Las Vegas.

The display features a manzanita branch adorned with white wrist watches and suspended in front of a framed patch of moss. We created custom animations flowing on and around the branch’s sculptural form to not only showcase the product display, but exhibit the new possibilities with the form and function of the LightScene projector itself.


Art Direction: Cody Samson
Production Design: Kevin Zhu
Animation: Cody Samson, Kevin Zhu
Fabrication: Expo3
Audio: San Soma

Tools and Software:
After Effects, Notch, Resolume Arena
Ableton Live